Version 2.1

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BRIDGE is a blend of five key ingredients on cloud: AdBridge, AppBridge, BigBridge, PayBridge, and PlayBridge. This recipe create an ecosystem that helps our clients to develop an interactive mobile applications. BRIDGE entertain request from mobile app, find and populate content based on configured metadata. If configured, the advertisement will be embed together with the content.
The static content will be stored at BRIDGE servers and update regularly via FTP protocol. AppBridge will fetch dynamic data directly from back-end servers. BRIDGE leverage standard AJAX/JSON/XML type technologies to send and receive the data. By choosing best of the best open source technology, we strongly believed our customer could benefit from their investment.


Key Features:
→ Device profile: mobile operating system, version, browser type.
→ Transaction statistic: application and service popular (hits/likes).
→ Variant data format: support database, XML or CSV files.
→ Multiple back-end access: HTTP/XML, HTTP/RSS and Web Service.
→ Flexible architecture: expandable from single to multiple servers.
→ Data caching: configurable interval data update.
→ Portable: run on Linux, Windows and most flavor Unix.
→ Data Update: frequency data transfer/loader using FTP.
→ Admin Console: web-based administration and reporting.